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Goodbye My Sweet Chloepilot

Corgi-Golden mix lays on carpeted floor, eyes shut, tongue sticking out; asleep.
Chloe Snoozervising

Working from home when you have pets affords you the distinction of having co-workers and lunch companions of a different caliber. Chloe was my workday "Snoozervisor" that oversaw my meetings, coding, and was party to my fits of swearing. She was also my late-night snacking companion. As her health declined we opened an airline together with me as her co-pilot offering short flights between floors in the house. The plane was small and seating was limited, but despite that we made countless trips.

She loved meat, all kinds of meat, but especially the chicken nugget kind. While some dogs will eat an occasional vegetable or piece of fruit, she would aggressively turn her nose away and then look at you as if to say "I hope you're not expecting me to put that in my mouth!" Her persnickety penchant for varietal foods was not lost on me, she'd let you know if she thought you were serving the same flavor of gourmet pâté too frequently.

Simple pleasures were her daily enjoyment. "Just let me roll around in the grass and feel the sun on my belly!" was a common refrain often followed by "I'm not above a good belly rub, you know you want to!" I am greatful for all the love she afforded me, and for her sensilble "we could probably have just one more snack" approvals. May you always have blue skies and a tailwind my lovable, fluffy, Chloepilot.

Corgi-Golden mix rolls on lawn of green grass, all four paws up in the air.
Chloe enjoying an afternoon roll in the grass